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Welcome commander!

At the center of one of  the countless constellations of the galaxy you have one goal - destroy it all. Choose your tools and ways and be ready to confrontation.


- To center view on your base press 'H'.

- ESC or ALT+F4 to exit.


- Capture nearby stars, extract them and build generators near Void Hole and Constellation Stars.

- Once you feel confident, build 'Blades' + 'Widow Weawers' (Psy Network).

- When you've builded enough Overloaders (Overload = 1.0/1) finall boss will appear. Good luck taking him out.

Known issues of v.0.02:

- Shields do not restore after they're gone. - Mystyrious ships can spawn infinently alowing you to farm energy rewards from them.

Bugs and any feedback and suggestions you can send me here: 

Mark Browning

or on itch.io page


Constellations_v0.02_1024x768.exe 204 MB
Constellations_v0.02_1280x720.exe 204 MB
Constellations_v0.02_1366x768.exe 204 MB
Constellations_v0.02_1440x900.exe 204 MB
Constellations_v0.02_1600x900.exe 204 MB

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(1 edit)

Game sucks, crashes at startup :/

Rating 1.

Edit: Works now. Removed bad rating.

How mature of you.

It does not start, I guess it crashes on start up.

You even didn't downloaded the game. I can see it in my dashboard.

and what is this?

Press 'Trotzdem ausführen' (Run anyway). It's a common thing with noname Gamemaker games and Windows.